columbia logoWhether a boiler is to be used in a small private residence, a commercial property, or an industrial plant, there are similar factors to consider before making a decision to buy. One should evaluate the supplier’s experience… design expertise… commitment to quality… and service to customers.

Our Company’s history dates back to 1936 when we began making boilers for simple steam process operations. With the exception of a few wartime years when we manufactured steel holding tanks and heat exchangers, we’ve specialized in boilers. Today, our hydronic units include models and sizes for every domestic, commercial, and industrial application… with distribution worldwide.

During these years of growth, our Company philosophy has focused on two all-important objectives: product quality and customer service. They are the foundation of our family-owned business and the goals for future progress.

A complete line of high-pressure steam boilers covering a broad range of process steam applications including dry cleaning, laminating, garment manufacturing, sterilization, plating, dairies and others.

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