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The name “Griswold Controls” is synonymous with quality. We have been manufacturing flow control valves since 1960, and are ISO 9001 certified. Every product that leaves our facility passes through a rigorous quality–assurance process, including inspections during receiving, production, and shipping. Each and every valve we sell meets or exceeds our stringent requirements for quality, and more importantly those of our customers.
We promise to deliver the best possible products and services on the market, adding value for our customers by anticipating and identifying their needs, ultimately providing cost–effective solutions. Griswold Controls is committed to error–free performance and to continuous improvement through our quality process.
We embrace a customer–oriented focus, executing that through the daily involvement of every employee. We gauge our success by our customer’s satisfaction and are committed to providing consistent quality products and services.
Griswold Controls believes:
· Quality creates value for our customers
· Quality is a key part of every job and business process at Griswold Controls
· Quality is key to customer preference
· Quality is key to competitiveness
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