For larger systems with sensors. Schneider Electric™ Altivar ATV212 and ATV61 Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), regulating power to Patterson’s VIL series HVAC pumps, eliminate the need for pressure reducing or throttling valves or inlet guide vanes. These compact drives reduce installation costs and maximize building occupant comfort with accurate flow control.
The drives offer the latest in VFD technology to help keep total harmonic distortion (THD) levels within the limits of the IEEE 519-1992. These drives are specifically designed to comply with IEC/EN 61000-3-12, which limits THDI of system components to 35%. Additionally, these drives feature resonant frequency skipping, soft starting and stopping, under-load and over-load detection and time limits for operating at minimum speed.
For smaller systems—the sensorless option. With no differential pressure transducers necessary, Schneider-Electric Altivar Process VFDs provide easy and space efficient installation in simple systems. In addition, they offer the highest possible performance with Patterson VIL pumps through changing load conditions:
• Operation closest to the pumps’ best efficiency point (BEP)
• New insights into pumping performance through remote communications
• Energy drift detection in real time — preventing abnormal conditions and premature equipment wear
• Low harmonic distortion—48% THDi
• Troubleshooting and maintenance reduced by 20%— dynamic QR code generation Beyond peak performance, the drive communicates all the information you need:
• Embedded Ethernet with web server and customizable dashboards protected by Achilles Level 2 cyber security
• Embedded monitoring of pump efficiency load curves
• Embedded power measurement at accuracy rate below 5%
• Energy dashboards with meaningful information on consumed energy
• Customizable alarm management system
• Logging of all events to assist in managing predictive maintenance